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While in most western countries the authority to judge matters relating to separation and divorce is in the hands of the Family Court, in Israel there are two parallel courts who are authorized to judge issues involving divorce between a Jewish couple, the Rabbinical Court and the Family Court.

Financial Agreement

A financial agreement, or a “binding financial agreement”, is an agreement that details how all the property and assets are divided in the event of the dissolution of a marriage, separation or divorce.

Child Abduction

Child abduction can be either a move from one country to another (“removal”) or, if a child is kept in another country and is not returned (“wrongful retention”), for example, at the end of a holiday or contact time.

Child Custody

When a marriage (or long term relationship) that has produced children comes to an end the most important issues usually relate to custody and access to the children. These issues are decided on the basis of what is best for the children, not what is best for the parties.


You entered my life in a confusing and difficult period. I would like to thank you for the dedicated, professional and reliable treatment you have given me. You deserve heartfelt thanks and appreciation. It is very difficult to find a winning combination of patience, professionalism, loyalty and above all humanity (which in this profession is not self-evident), but I certainly enjoyed the process. Thank you for lighting my eyes when I needed and made me look at things a little differently. Boaz, you dealt with such a sensitive matter and made it extraordinary. You’re much more than a lawyer for me …! You have fulfilled your mission in the best way! Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!

— Vered